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>> "The Thinking Computer", interview with Prof. Stoyan Markov

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Last Updated: Friday, 03 November 2017

"The Thinking Computer", interview with Prof. Stoyan Markov.

In honor of its 25th anniversary, the leading publishing house „24 Hours” published a special edition of forecasts named „The next 25 years”. The interview with Prof. Stoyan Markov is entitled "The Thinking Computer". It includes the following topics:

  • The 3D transistor, the 7nm FinFETs Technology and Beyond;
  • Building an Extreme Scale Cluster of 30-40 million cores with real productivity of 400-500 PetaFLOPS (PRACE, USA and China Initiatives);
  • Creating massive parallel systems for real time treatments and analysis of big data stream and discovery of unknown regularities and interlinked events within huge amounts of information;
  •  Building an ultrahigh resolution three-dimensional digital model of the human brain based on the reconstruction of 10 micrometers histological sections (Human Brain Project and PRAICE );
  •  Spiking neural net chip and brain equivalent self-learning neuromorphic systems, which will be used for long–term autonomous space and oceans investigations.

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