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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Bulgarian Supercomputing Centre's resources are being used currently for carrying out research in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Some of the specific topics are:

  • Numerical homogenization;
  • Linear elasticity simulations;
  • Computer model for studying the transport of air pollutants and the connection between global climate change and air pollution;
  • Studying the influence of climate changes on high pollution levels in sub-urban areas by using advanced large-scale mathematical models;
  • Investigations of molecular interactions and their applications in new materials development and drug design;
  • Study of the behaviour of non-ionogenic surfactants at the gas/water interface, where the aqueous medium is characterized with various ionic strengths;
  • Systematization of the effect of defect type and pattern of functionalization on the energy spectrum and on the electronic structure of doped carbon nanotubes;
  • Optimization of a computational protocol for correct spin-state ordering of spin-hybrid metal-organic complexes with magnetic properties;
  • Molecular simulations modelling the effect of size and environment on the structure, supramolecular organization, electron density distribution and spectral behaviour of polyaniline oligomers;
  • Modelling of zeolites and oxides surfaces as adsorbent and catalysts;
  • Modelling of transition metal clusters and complexes on support and in solution;
  • Computational modelling of the mechanism of protein biosynthesis and related processes in the ribosome.
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