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Регионална конференция 2011

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Втора Регионална Конференция "Супер компютърни приложения в Науката и Индустрията", Слънчев бряг, България, Септември 20-21, 2011

In the beginning of the second year of the joint European Commission and European Countries efforts under PRACE 1IP to support and accelerate the development and deployment of persistent pan European HPC infrastructure and services, we can see some initial and promising results. We managed to conduct two successful industrial and user-oriented events in Stockholm and Helzinki, PRACE and DEISA merged their efforts in order to provide European Tier-1 resource exchange model and those resources can now be effectively tapped into by end users.

In line with this positive momentum, the association “National Center for Supercomputing Applications” (NCSA) initiated an open and pervasive discussion bringing together in one place various HPC user community groups and industrial organizations that combine scientists and industrial representatives.
During a two-day workshop with more than 80 participants several Bulgarian research groups presented their results from the first year of NCSA’s participation in the PRACE-1IP project. Our colleagues from the large European centers, who participate in the PRACE 1IP project, presented their success stories at the conference in the application of supercomputers to science, industry, medicine, finance, natural disasters risks evaluation, environmental considerations, etc. The Conference was opened by Stoyan Markov and Plamen Oresharski. The list of these speakers include: Thomas Eickermann (Julich), Giovanni Erbacci (CINECA, Bologna), Manthos Papadopoulos (Greece), Zlatan Car (Croatia), Ivo Koutsaroff (Kyoto, Japan), Anatolii Gulyaev and Nina Popova (Moscow, Russia), etc. The main talks given during the conference were in some important fields of application of supercomputing and include design of nanomaterials, novel functional materials in electronic industry, medicine and pharmacy, ecology, molecular biology, etc. In the late afternoon of the second conference day very successful Round Table discussion “PRACE 2IP project: Scope and Activities” was organized.
This event is a continuation of our efforts to bridge scientific and industrial perspectives by providing a forum for exchange of different views and opinions and an attempt to answers questions, such as why HPC needs to be invested in and how HPC can bring visible and tangible influence to peoples’ lives and competitiveness to companies.

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